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400cc Snow Mobile(YX-SM-400)

400cc Snow Mobile(YX-SM-400)
Product name:400cc Snow Mobile(YX-SM-400)

1. Max Loading: 250KGS
2. Max Traction: 3300N
3. Degree of climbing slope: 15°
4. Speed: 15km/h--50km/h
5. 400CC
6. Oil Consumption: 10L/100KM
7. Rating Power: 13KW
8. Max output wring distance: 30N. M
9. Temperature: -30° --10°
10. Startup style: Pull start/electric start
11. Drive and Shift style: Belt & chain drive, CVT stepless shift
12. Brake style: Oil-pressure disc
13. Oil tank: 30L


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